Episode 1
Season 1
First Aired 3/15/2014
Artist PrinceLionel

DeviantFART Episode 1 Princelionel03:37

DeviantFART Episode 1 Princelionel

First episode of the series.

PrinceLionel is a very first episode of DeviantFART. It aired on 3/15/2014 on Vimeo.


Microsoft Sam is looking through DeviantART and found out what AndrewSurvivor is doing. Microsoft Mike and Microsoft Mary tells Microsoft Sam about PrinceLionel is AndrewSurvivior. Microsoft AnnaMicrosoft DavidMicrosoft HazelMicrosoft ZiraKarsh, and Scotty goes through PrinceLionel's gallery and when the found out about BarneyDrew Pickles wish that Barney can be the king of The Barney Bunch, but Barney gave the role to Drew Pickles. Then The Devil and The She-Devil want to torment people, but God and The Angel stop them and return them into their lair. Then the two Illegal Immigtants L&H Michael and L&H Michelle were Deported by The Sheriff of Nottingham. Microsoft Sam throw a tantrum for the worst art ever seen.

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